Lee Kirtland

Having worked with AM-P on a number of successful applications, I had full confidence they had the expertise, knowledge and skillset required to manage our Cannons Yard application.

Olivier and the AM-P team have provided an exceptional level of service throughout the planning process. Through early engagement with consultants, utilising positive pre-app advice to develop a site plan and street scene that met the LPA’s criteria & collating reports into a coherent and clear case for sustainable development.

AM-P provided the outline masterplan for the scheme, balancing the clients desire to maximise development opportunity whilst ensuring suitability for the area and its compliance with planning policy to mitigate potential LPA queries. Utilising AM-P’s local knowledge of UDC’s planning policy and lack of 5-year supply, our 14 unit scheme provides a mix of two, three and four bedroom properties that addresses local housing needs for both private and social housing.

A key characteristic which proved beneficial to our application was the impressive level of detail AM-P went to in researching planning precedence which nullified early LPA challenges. For example, when external noise levels were queried due to proximity to Stansted Airport, AM-P clearly demonstrated that a number of schemes to the north of the site (and therefore more greatly impacted by the airport) had been approved without query. This, along with our own specialist external noise assessment to prove reduced impact, was sufficient for the LPA’s specialist to remove the condition.

AM-P developed a robust and dynamic case to justify development for the site, promoting it’s sustainable development potential. More importantly, the quality of their written communication, reports, D&A and Planning Statement demonstrates their ability to stick to the facts and put the best response forward. Whilst the application has been challenged, AM-P were able to act quickly and efficiently in providing solutions as to not protract the application further, whilst also challenging the LPA when they themselves had been advised incorrectly.

From an applicant perspective, they have been readily available to discuss the process throughout and work collaboratively with us to strategise the best approach in each instance. They also championed hard for a common-sense approach with the LPA, which has enabled us to build a trustworthy relationship which we hope will benefit us at committee in March.