Simon Schiff

This was the first time I had been involved in a planning application and I am very happy that I instructed AMP. Given the land was in the countryside and outside a settlement area it was a high risk application. Right from the start AM displayed a deep knowledge of the issues and undertook a feasibility study and then a pre-application. Not only were they efficient and timely but a relationship of trust was established and so I knew I was in very safe hands. There were lots of technical issues and difficulties arising from the various reports and surveys and responses from the planning authority but, at all times, AMP remained calm and confident and came up with solutions when at times points arose that threatened the likelihood of obtaining permission. They also anticipated many of the issues that arose and could use their experience to find solutions. Also, at the planning committee meeting they dealt with some unexpected questions. Overall planning permission would not have been obtained without their dedication and experience. I can’t recommend them highly enough.