A Complete Appeals Service

We undertake a number of planning appeals on behalf of new and existing clients.   Whilst the strategy will always be to achieve planning consent in the first instance, there will be cases where the Local Planning Authority do not support the proposal and refuse the application, either at Officer level through delegated powers, or at Planning Committee.

The first response in such cases is to look back at the considerations which led to the decision and to assess the likely chances of an appeal succeeding.  It is sometimes the case that objections or issues can be resolved through preparation of a further planning application that either provides additional information or includes changes to the design.   This can often take less time, save money and provide greater certainty than going to appeal.  On occasions, clients may be advised that it would be prudent to appeal, as well as to submit an alternative proposal via a planning application.

Whichever route is recommended, it is always our strategy to review thoroughly the proposal’s planning history, so that the client is given the best advice and maximise the chances for a successful outcome.

Occasionally, the assessment reveals that an appeal has a low prospect of success.  If this is the case, our project team will say so and discuss alternative strategies, which aim to meet the client’s aspirations.  Whether the appeal route is Written Representations, Informal Hearing or Local Inquiry our evidence is comprehensive, yet concise with the greatest focus being given to the determining issues.

Our experience in dealing with appeals is extensive and includes a broad range of cases from individual properties to large scale housing, commercial and mixed use development. Our range includes minor householder, major, listed building and enforcement appeals.

A number of our professional team have long standing relationships with some of the UK’s leading planning Counsel, including QC’s and Junior Barristers as well as Planning Solicitors.

As Chartered Town Planners, we are able to prepare instructions for Counsel under the Bar Council’s Licensed Access Scheme.  The instructions can be in relation to strategy, legal opinions, local plan promotion, appeals or High Court matters



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