Strategic Planning

A Complete Strategic Planning Service

AM-P promote sites on behalf of landowners and/or developers through the development plan process with the aim of securing an allocation for a range of uses including residential.  This includes through strategic plans, local plans, Neighbourhood Plans and other DPDs.

AM-P is happy to assess and give an objective view on the planning potential on any site referred to us. Underutilised brownfield sites are increasingly attractive for allocation. However, typically, the sites that we have promoted in recent years are greenfield sites which adjoin an existing settlement area. Such sites have included the successful promotion and allocation of Green Belt land.

AM-P prepare high quality promotional documents/representations setting out the context and planning justification for a site’s allocation. These are generally submitted as part of a ‘Call for Sites’ procedure or in the various consultation stages of the Local Plan process.  AM-P prepare detailed Hearing Statements and appear at examination hearings to provide oral evidence to Local Plan Inspectors. In all cases, AM-P seeks to work with the Local Planning Authority to achieve a successful allocation.

Once an allocation has been secured or is at an advanced stage of an emerging Local Plan, planning permission can then be sought from the Local Planning Authority. AM-P has successfully promoted major Local Plan allocations on sites at:

  • Bishops Stortford South*
  • North East Witham*
  • Bourn Airfield, South Cambridgeshire
  • Chelmsford Garden Village
  • Woodside Farm, Whitnash*
  • Land at East Harlow
  • Wyvern Farm, Stanway
  • Land east of Great Notley, Braintree

(with subsequent planning permissions on those marked *)